While mother was alive


While mother was alive
With birds in the trees
and porches in the house
used to get to eat

before serving us
used to take
a little bit of rice
out of the pot
and dividing it on leaves
used to fetch it to the birds awaiting outside
and birds would get to eat

so long as mother lived
hungry birds
kept on waiting
on the courtyard

birds used to get food
since mother was alive

so long as mother lived
none was orphan
neither birds nor we
mother used to collect
all the edibles that was scattered
and left over in the kitchen
bit by bit
and keep it in the garbage
affectionately and give it to
Kale, Khair*
calling them and would feed

mother was there
and the stray dogs
did never go hungry
collecting all the other waste foods
mother would put it
in the mouth of the cows
and kid
and calf
in fact
mother was there
and no one went hungry
with mother lay the hope of all lives

mother would not disappoint anyone
all were happy with her

in fact when mother lived
life was not in danger

Translated by: Dr. Govinda R. Bhattarai

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