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Poetry is heart and soul for a poet. For Chandra Singh Gurung, poetry is head, too. What does it mean ?
Yes, Chandra Singh writes pretty poetry not only with heart, but also with political sense. USKO MUTUBHITRA DESKO NAXA NAI THIENA (His heart did not have country’s map), a recently published poetry book by Chandra is the perfect evidence for it.

Chandra !
If only all the absurdities
Are swept away
With landslides !
-Pahiro (Landslide)

Really, Chandra does not write for only self-satisfaction, but also for the sake of nation, society and humanity. The book has 33 do-gooder poems. Poet Shrawan Mukarung writes, ‘Chandra’s poems are both contemporary and timeless.’ If you read the book, you will really have worth-reading. Thanks to Laxmi Rai who published this book.

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