Big big really BIG congratulations ! I went through your blog web and found it interesting. Thanks a lot for your short but respectful note on me.

Web design is good. Who designed it? Once again congratulations. This will help you to go deeper into poetry provided you keep on up dating for couple of years on a regular basis.

How about making it monthly but focusing on one poet every month. Say Goplprasad Rimal in one month and Bhupi Sherchan next month and so on.... I guess you must have a plan to keep it up. But, I tell you, this will demand your time and effort. In return you will know lots and lots of Nepali poets and poetry.

Wishing you all the best
Bikram Subba

Dear Chandraji,Thanks for your collections. Appreciated, keep it up and keep on touch.

Sumal Kumar GurungHong Kong
From: "chanky shrestha"
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2007 15:38:45 +0000
dear chandra thanks for publishing my poem with courtesy. congrat for starting blogging. i once went through. i will b regular visitor and will link to my site tool. it would be better if you manage for comments from readers also.

Chandra ji namaskar
HappY New Year 2008 and cahsok tangnam and losar .i log in ur blogsite nice .thank u for ur poem .i wish u every step success.


Friend Chandu and all un/known!
Namste..& Mitho Nepalimaya......!
Thanks a lot for email and nice blogspot. It is really great. Please keep it update. Everything is fine and wish you all the best.

Please keep on touch. Have a good day.
Yours truly,
Chandra Pun,Nepal

From:Krishna Gurung (
To: Chandra Gurung

Thanks and congratulation for great efforts and compliments. Please keep it up Soaltee, all the best. God Bless you.

Thank you, Krishna

From: swapnil colorist (
Sent: Thu 2/07/08 4:29 AM
To: Chandra Gurung (

chandra g
namaste !
I am watching your blog site. I mean first impression is last impression, you are successful for that.
Thank you la !!!!!!

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