Name- Shishir Sharma

Place of Birth- Salyan Kot VDC-5, Dhading

Contact Phone or Email-

Published Works-
Three Poetry Books, one Research Book, several articles, stories, songs, poems in different newspapers/magazines, about dozen of TV documentaries as narrator/director/scriptwriter, one Music Album as co- lyrist /co-producer.

What genre/s do you prefer to read?

Who are your favorite Nepali/English poets?
Bhupi sherchan/ Bashu Shashi/Dinesh Adhikari/ Robert Frost.

Which are the books that have touched you deeply?
Muna Madan/ Radha/The old man and the sea/Bhagbad Geeta.

The book you would like to read again and again.
Bhagbad Geeta

What excites you to write poems?
The nature and the human compassion

How would you define a poem?
Poem is a artistic expression of feeling as the reaction of particular action or feeling.

Simple poems or abstract poems…
Simple what the common readers can understand and feel the poet's sentiment.

Till date, about how many books on poems are read by you?
I have not kept such record.

Prefers to read Nepali or English Poems?
I'm reading English and Hindi poems.

What characteristics the good/beautiful poems must possess?
It should touch the reader's sentiment and give the clear picture of the caught subject matter.

The one thing you love about yourself.
Perfect estimation about something.

The one thing you hate about yourself.
Believing other's very fast, suffer from them at last.

The unforgettable moment/incident in your life…
I can't choose among several incidents.

Angelina Jolie or Parizat…

Mother Teresa or Princess Diana…
Mother Teresa

Any dream project in writing field.
A Readable Novel

Prizes/Honors… some Prizes and Honors.

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