1. Name- Umesh Rai "Akinchan"
2. Place of Birth- Babiya Birta V.D.C.-2,Gohigada,Morang
3. Contact Phone or Email-
4. Published Works- 'Ek sagar,Dui tara'
5. What genre/s do you prefer to read?
I prefer to read poetry and fiction.
6. Who are your favorite Nepali/English poets?
Bhupi sherchan,Bairangi Kaila,sharawan Mukarung,Ramesh Kshitiz,
Pablo Neruda, T.S. Eliot

7. Which are the books that have touched you deeply?
I am touched by various books which are as follows:
My name is red/sirisko ful/Arko Sanjh Parkher sanjhma/Jeevanko laya
8. The book you would like to read again and again.
Sirishko Ful
9. What excites you to write poems?
Situation which touched my heart and struck my mind
10. How would you define a poem?
Poem is song of life, can be heard everywhere but can't be sung by everyone.
11. Simple poems or abstract poems…
I have craftsmanship of both so I love both based on plot of poetry.
12. Till date, about how many books on poems are read by you?
About 100 books, actually I prefer read to write.
13. Prefers to read Nepali or English Poems?
14. What characteristics the good/beautiful poems must possess?
I think it should embody beautiful presentation on heart touchy subject matter.
15. The one thing you love about yourself.
Studious and lovely nature
16. The one thing you hate about yourself.
Short tempered manner
17. The unforgettable moment/incident in your life
My first meeting with my wife Kala Rai in Hongkong…about seven years ago
18. (Actress) Rekha Thapa or (Writer) Parizat… …………..of course, Parizat
19. Mother Teresa or Princess Diana… ……. Mother Teresa
20. Any dream project in writing field.
I have dreams to write beautiful novels.
21. Prizes/Honors… Many First prizes in various poetry competitions


D. R THAPA said...

we are really lucky to get nepali poems in blogs. thanks

D. R THAPA said...

THANKS said...

D.R.Thapa Ji, Thanks a lot for the interest you have shown in my blog. Regards, Chandra Gurung

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