Bhupi Sherchan

He is one of the greatest poet ever born in Nepal. He was born in 1993 (B.S.) and died in 2046 (B.S.). He loved his country and countrymen above all else. He went to banaras college and he impressed everyone with his styles and poems. His poems are very inspiring and with humor as well. Everyone after reading with his poems can't get away easily not to look for his other creations. He was awarded with Sajha Puraskar in 2026 B.S.
However much we raise ourselves up, However much we run here and there, However loud we roar, However, deep within, we are hollow. Our roar carries no more weight than the hiss of an ember thrown into water.
"We," by Bhupi Sherchan
Some are born poet, some acquire poetic skills later, while others have poetry thrust upon them. The late Bhupi Sherchan, who earned widespread praise in the Nepalese literary scene, probably belongs to the last category. Ever since he arrived on the literary scene, Bhupi has been looked upon as the one who was going to lead Nepal's literary fortunes to the next level. And he has done just that.
He may have had all the limitations of his fellow poets, but yet he led himself beyond the frontiers of the narrow borders with his immortal poetry. That in itself is a testimony to his poetic excellence. Bhupi Sherchan was the most successful poet to popularize free verse after Gopal Prasad Rimal. He analyzed human life and wrote in the language of the common masses with beauty, and was successful in showing the way for the new generation through his magnificent poems.
Every great poet has the capacity to author a stunning literary turnaround. But the circumstances in which Bhupi produced the most important poetry of his career were at once trying and peculiar in Nepalese literature. For a nation that had plumed to such a literary low to foster one of its own to go on and compete with the greats of world literature was a turnaround that could have been triggered only by a stroke of genius.
Bhupi was a humble poet, a great ambassador of humanity, and a true nationalist. He loved his country and countrymen above all else. His lofty Himalayan nationalism can be seen in his classic poem "Hami" ("Us"), where he claimed that we Nepalese are brave, but foolish and because we are brave, we are foolish.
Furthermore, his intense love for the nation and goodwill can be clearly seen in his odes to the martyrs of Nepal. He will be forever remembered for these famous works: "Ghumne Mech Mathi Andho Manche," "Sahid Ko Samjhana," "Main Batti Ko Sikha," "Ghantaghar," "Hami," etc.
"Ghumne Mechmathi Andho Manchhe," or "Blind Man on the Revolving Chair," which won Sajha Prize (highest literary prize in Nepal), is a masterpiece and has earned praise from readers worldwide. A milestone in Nepali literature, the work has already undergone its 10th edition, and the sales are picking up as ever.

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